What is RISE Advisory?

RISE Advisory is more than an insurance company, we’re a close-knit family of advocates who are passionate about giving Malaysians the protection they need from critical illnesses. 

The fact that we see ourselves a family first, means we treat our clients just the same. Which is why we make it our responsibility to ensure that they have a Critical Illness Fund (CIF). Having a CIF means that if critical illnesses strike, both your medical and living expenses can be covered so that you can have peace of mind during your recovery.

Our team that we call RISERS are the ones who make it all happen. We do all this anchored by love and responsibility – for both our clients and our RISERS.

How do we make it happen?

Our expanding pool of talented CIF Specialists (RISERS) are dedicated to educating the public on the importance of a CIF. But this is no easy task. That’s why we run our world-class RISERS programme – a platform for accelerated and systematic learning that will bring even those without an insurance background to new heights in this industry.

It’s our belief that when we invest in our RISERS, we can keep sending out the most compassionate, most forward-thinking people to make our clients’ lives a little better.

Our Founders

Captain Chia

Philip Lau

Chia Jee Kin

RISE Advisory was founded in Malaysia in May 2019 by three insurance experts, Captain ChiaPhilip Lau and Chia Jee Kin. Motivated by the true-life medical cases, our founders sought to make RISE Advisory a touchstone in shaping the insurance landscape as pioneers of the Critical Illness Fund.

With over 40 years of insurance experience across the Asia Pacific region, Captain Chia is the Founder and the driving force behind RISE Advisory. His wealth of experience in financial planning and agency development has been instrumental to the development of the Malaysian Financial Planning Counsel (MFPC) and the Registered Financial Planner (RFP) during his tenure as President of the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM). Formerly the GMD/CEO of Hong Leong Assurance Malaysia, CEO of CITIC Prudential China, CEO of Kurnia Insurance Malaysia, and Chairman of Life Insurance Association Malaysia, Captain’s strong leadership background has prepared him for the formation of RISE Advisory where he is set to leave a notable benchmark in the Malaysian insurance industry.

Prior to the establishment of RISE Advisory, co-founder Philip Lau also founded Jazz Capital Financial Services Group, where he served as Chief Executive Officer. With 20 years of experience in financial products marketing and running an agency of 500 advisors with a total of 20,000 clients in its portfolio, Philip’s achievements and expertise act as strong pillars in moulding RISE Advisory as a company.

Co-founder Chia Jee Kin, was born into an insurance family so a desire to protect quite literally runs in his veins. Jee Kin quickly understood the significance of actively recruiting and training young business associates based on his vast experiences in life administration and agency development. Today, Jee Kin couples his charismatic leadership together with his wealth of knowledge to build a team of RISERS who are both compassionate and forward-thinking through the RISERS Programme.